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Everything is psychology

  To quote Immanuel Kant: ‘Everything is psychology!’ If we accept this fact, which we truly should, then the state of acceptance will be changed to understanding. And not just because our life will be so much easier and more understandable, but it will… Oh wait, no....

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Mom life and pregnancy life

It's more difficult than we ever can imagine. And I wasn't talking about what does it mean being in both situations. Soon we welcome a little boy in our family and all I'm focusing on to hold everything together and do the best as I can. Doing school runs, cooking...

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This is why you have to forget the scales

So everyone is on the new year mission and I can see a lot of women who try doing their best to start their weight loss journey. I'm not gonna lie, the number of offers is a really wide selection. From gym offers to online coaches, fat burn tablets and fat burn shake...

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Supplement guide

I was talking about a lot of times that you don't need a supplement to lose weight. A good diet and hard work in the gym will bring you the required results: CALORIE DEFICIT. They are beneficial to use, but only if the first two requirements are spot on! It is also...

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Pancake day

Who doesn't love pancakes? 5th March 2019 is National Pancake day!  Will you enjoy it? Are you going to skip it because you are on a diet? One day doesn't ruin your diet and you actually can work around your weekly calories. I also plan a really heavy workout before...

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Healthy nutrition for weight loss

At the beginning of 2019 everyone is looking for the right solution of quick and effective solution of weight loss, and I am looking in different facebook groups other group chats what people think and want to do to reach their goals. People are lost with so much...

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Mom’s diet is the kid’s diet

It is also our choice how healthy are our kids eating since the day we become pregnant. I used to blame my daughter to have unhealthy food. Lazy parenting. I was just lazy to be the parent and teach my views. I didn't agree with the breakfast chocolate bar and pastry...

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