It’s more difficult than we ever can imagine. And I wasn’t talking about what does it mean being in both situations.

Soon we welcome a little boy in our family and all I’m focusing on to hold everything together and do the best as I can.

Doing school runs, cooking dinner, cleaning, work, and the most important stay healthy… because this is part of our mission as well.

Even we are late from school, burn the food, fold the laundry after 1 week and have a bar of chocolate, we still make the effort to do our best to complete these challenges.

This called balance.

These little things and little mistakes don’t mean we are doing wrong or we are bad. It means we are doing the best.

After all, we keep going and get back on track with the old good routine that we know it works for us.

So when you have a good routine that helps you lose weight, and you actually like the routine and it becomes a part of your life, you still going to have a pizza, chocolate or anything now and then. But you go back to the routine.

The routine, you shouldn’t go back is the one you hate and you struggle with. The diet or workout that you can’t feel your own. It never will bring you long term results, and it never will work on long term. It can’t be your lifestyle. You must love it to make your lifestyle. So find the way.

Even though it will be hard at the beginning and it will take time. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a new lifestyle!

So when I will bring our son into our home it will take time to settle down a new routine. It will be hard and I will have to focus on long term results. It will take time to transform my body back and create a lifestyle that makes me happy too. But this is the only way.

So if you struggle and you are inpatient at the moment you must think about a few things.

Is it healthy and the right way you want to get your goals?

Did you give yourself enough time?

Are you sabotaging yourself with keep telling you not able to reach your goals?

Do you let anyone tell you there is a miracle for your issue? 
I mean weightloss shakes and skinny products that you want to take even during breastfeeding because they offer huge change not even knowing what they do to your health? (I see examples daily)

Don’t make it harder to yourself because I know it’s hard enough already.

Yes, I hear you. Let me help you!

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