So everyone is on the new year mission and I can see a lot of women who try doing their best to start their weight loss journey.

I’m not gonna lie, the number of offers is a really wide selection.

From gym offers to online coaches, fat burn tablets and fat burn shake all gives you some kind of solution. Some works, some not.

So you try your best and you stand on the scales every day or every week. First, you see some sort of results because you have made a change, your body reacts.

This is why New year is such a good time to start it because everyone stops eating 3x amount of food from Christmas. Sugar, unhealthy amount and quality of carbs fried in a ton of fat.

Not like you should feel guilty, we all enjoyed it, but we don’t stick in it for a long term.

So basically less sugar and a huge amount of fewer calories and your new food restriction will make you lose weight or let’s say water weight.

January win but maybe you haven’t lost in the last week. Oh well…

But stop stepping on the scales. Not accurate.

Why? You drop water, gain muscle, your body transform or you haven’t done your “thing” on the toilet. Drinking only 1 litre water makes different on the scale. Not changing the weight just makes you demotivated.

Only with the right training and nutrition plan will give you long term results, but it’s not always shown on the scales. You still will be able to see changes how your clothes fit on you or measure inches.

4 weeks, this is what a beginner should get as a training and nutrition plan. It can be 6 or 8 weeks depends on the progress you make but in this period you either increase intensity or use higher weight and harder exercises.

No meal replacement shakes and fat burners will give you the results you want on a long term. 

You only have to make sure you are doing your best in the kitchen and during your exercise session and collect the right information to reach your goal.

If you ask, ask someone who has the right qualification.




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