Now I’m not saying that calorie tracking is bad, but many people are overcomplicating it. Too much stress. Here is why…

Basic rule:
Take in more calories/energy than your body burns, you gain weight.
Take in fewer calories/energy than your body burns, you lose weight.

However, counting calories as a way to try to know, and control, your energy intake is fundamentally — sometimes hopelessly — flawed.

For starters, you can’t really trust that the calorie (and macronutrient) numbers you see on food packages are accurate. 
Plus, even if food package numbers were precise, once the food is cooked, or chopped, or blended, the amount of energy available for digestion and absorption changes.
Then there’s what happens once that food enters your body…

In the end, even something that seems as simple as knowing how many calories you’re taking in (and absorbing) can be influenced by dozens of unexpected factors.

Food companies may use any of 5 different methods
to estimate calories, so the FDA permits inaccuracies
of up to 20%.
So “150 calories” actually means 130-180 calories.

For decades, scientists have used this formula to come up
with calorie counts that reflect only what we’ll absorb:
Some calories pass through us undigested, and this varies from food to food.

Cooking your food generally makes more of the calories available for absorption, and food labels don’t always reflect that.

Also, everyone’s body is unique and works in a unique way. Our own individual gut bacteria can increase or decrease the calories we absorb.

Studies show that people mis-measure portions about two-thirds of the time, so it’s easy to accidentally consume a lot more calories than you intend to.

The best way to determinate your calorie intake is by getting an average number, for example, if your calories should be 1800kcal, you will still have results if you eat 1700-2000 calories.

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