The FitBodyPlan Nutrition Program and Recipe E-book

A unique nutrition plan, that made only for you and delicious recepies


Custom training plan

Mobile application provided for the perfect delivery of your workout sessions by Trainerize.


Weekly Check-in Call

I will personally support you and help you track your progress.


Our group gives information, help, success stories, motivation, delicious recipes from each other.


Your training plan delivered on The FitBodyPlan mobile app. It gives you all the tools you need.

Exercises videos help you to learn all the exercises. The plan can be home or gym based training or depending on the amount of equipment you are able to use.



FitBodyPlan Nutrition Program


The key to successful dieting is nutrition. Would you like to get rid of some weight without the struggle of a crash diet and possibly make it an everyday lifestyle without counting points and calories? Do you get bored of the usual chicken-rice-salad diet?  

Then You will Love This Program.

You will get all the basic to build up and maintain a healthy and a fit diet, body and lifestyle.

The program’s unique system will allow you to stop counting calories. Learning this system will helpt you to keep your portion controll. 

 12 weeks nutrition coaching to adjust the portions that benefits your goals We are working with the right calorie amount so there is no starving or any crash diet.

No fancy supplements or expensive ingredients, the recipes made from natural food, that you can buy in every shop.

Glutenfree, lactosefree vegetarian and vegan options available.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding women can use it too as we set the calorie need to them.




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